Jewish ‘snuff film’ filmed and distributed at Hampshire College

This video, filmed and distributed to Hampshire College students and many supporters of ‘submission to Allah’, shows a small group of Jewish students later targeted and threatened by jihadi thugs.

The Administration and Communications Office have not released to the public  the results of any investigations as to who filmed, posted, received, or sent this incendiary provocation that resulted in death threats to Jewish students, although the Hampshire College’s computers were used to distribute the video and threatening emails. The young lady was also physically assaulted, although she choose not to press charges.

To prevent such behavior in the future, the college has apparently decided to yield to the demands of the jihadis and continue to allow the SJP and its supporters, like professors Christopher Clark and Mark Clinton, the right of ‘Free Speech’ to threaten and intimidate Jewish guests in the future.



UPDATE: September, 2011 – One brave American woman stands up to Islamic thugs.

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